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How did Johnnies Collective begin?

Johnnies Collective was created by individuals united by their shared love of St. John’s and willingness to do their part in helping the program succeed. We created a new collective dedicated exclusively to expanding NIL opportunities for our Student-Athletes and reminding our supporters of how important they are in helping to carry on a winning tradition.


How can I contribute?

Where does my money go?

90% of all donations will go directly to St. John’s Student Athletes.

Majority of profits generated from sales of Memberships, Merchandise, Endorsements and Paid Content  will go to St. John’s Student Athletes.

What is NIL?

Under NCAA rules, Student-Athletes are allowed to receive compensation for the use of their name, image and likeness (NIL). This can include physical merchandise such as autographs, photos, T-shirts and hats, as well as digital merchandise such as live streams, virtual press conferences, social media posts, virtual meet-and-greet events, NFTs and personal content posting. It also includes experiences such as VIP events, camps, lessons and personal appearances.

What is a NIL Collective?

Collectives such as Johnnies Collective sign agreements with student-athletes to help them take advantage of NIL opportunities. Collectives pay student-athletes fees in exchange for NIL activities as described in the previous question. They ensure the Student-Athletes fulfill their commitments in compliance with NCAA rules prohibiting “pay for play.”

Financial support for Johnnies Collective from individuals, businesses and other organizations allows the collective to meet its obligations to the Student-Athletes.

How does social media affect NIL?

  • A Student-Athlete’s endorsement value to brands is directly affected by the engagement of their social media accounts
  • Under NIL Regulations, Student-Athletes can not be paid for their performance in sports; retroactively making their social media engagement extremely important to bolstering the value of their NIL Deals.
  • Follow, Like, Share and Subscribe to your favorite Student Athlete’s social media accounts to drive their NIL Deal Value up!

What NCAA rules apply to NIL?

A Student-Athlete may not receive NIL compensation based on his or her athletic performance. That would constitute “pay for play,” which is prohibited by NCAA rules.

A donor may not provide NIL compensation to a high school recruit or transfer student in an effort to bring the Student-Athlete to St. John’s. Such inducements and extra benefits are prohibited by NCAA rules.

Per NCAA rules, St. John’s University is not associated with Johnnies Collective or any other NIL organization. Johnnies Collective works closely with St. John’s to keep the university informed of our procedures and progress.